The Application Process


Please Read the Following Talmid Agreement and Then Follow the directions to Apply

Talmid Agreement – Part I



1. All three Sedarim and Minyanim are obligatory and will be strictly enforced.

2. Friday Seder is until 10:30AM.

3. In Shabbos must be attended unless you receive special permission.

4. Befitting true kavod haTorah, a bachur is expected to dress accordingly. Therefore in the Beis

Medrash all shirts must be tucked in, crocs are not allowed, socks must be worn, and a jacket

is required for davening. Wearing a hat for davening comes very highly recommended.

5. As part of our personal growth and tikkun hamidos program every talmid is responsible to

fulfill certain zechusim (chores) once a week in the upkeep of the yeshiva.

6. Responsibility to oneself and to the Yeshiva demands a conduct that befits a true Ben Torah

wherever one is. Drinking alcoholic beverages very much tends to conflict with these goals.

It is therefore the Yeshiva policy to strictly prohibit drinking alcoholic beverages anywhere

on their premises without supervision or permission of the Hanhalla. Even outside the

Yeshiva we expect every Bochur to be sensitive to ensure that such behavior will not cause

a chilul Hashem or defame your Yeshiva. If this rule is treated lightly, unfortunately one will

not be allowed to remain in the Yeshiva.



7. No smoking cigarettes, hookahs, and other tobacco products within the walls of the Yeshiva.

8. One is not allowed to change rooms or move yeshiva furniture from one room to another

without prior permission from the Yeshiva’s Hanhalla.

9. One cannot allow non Zeev Hatorah students to sleep anywhere in the yeshiva’s premises,

including Shabbos, without the prior permission from the Hanhalla.

10. All electronic devices that have capabilities of receiving internet or playing videos are

absolutely forbidden to use in the Yeshiva at all, even if you are not the owner. This includes

cell phones, iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, etc. iPod’s, laptops, tablets, etc. Every student

is required to bring these devices to the yeshiva Hanhalla and the yeshiva will provide free storage

until an appropriate break. If a student does not own any of these devices, he must confirm

this with a written and signed letter from his parents. The Yeshiva will provide daily access

to emails and filtered internet on dedicated computers. This rule, if treated lightly, will not

allow one to remain in the yeshiva.

11. No Students may leave the country throughout the year for family obligations or otherwise,

without the express consent from the Hanhalla. Furthermore students may not book tickets

for coming or leaving zman without insuring that there dates coincide with the Yeshiva’s

Yearly calendar.

12. The Yeshiva has on premises a washer and dryer, for a nominal fee.

Complete and submit an application:

  • The first page of the application is for you to keep, it also has the details on submitting your application.
  • Click the apply button below to fill out an application.
  • There is a $125 application fee which can be paid by credit card



After submitting your application please call or email to confirm that we have received your application, and to schedule an interview, by contacting:

  • Rav Leiby Ritholtz, the Mashgiach (516) 847-2775 (All year: DSL Israel Time July-August American Pacific Standard time)



After your interview, the next step is to make financial arrangements:

  • Please call Mrs. Dunner at (732)-730-7499 (DSL Israel Time), or email



Upon making financial arrangements, please wait for a final approval of acceptance to the Yeshiva.  Feel free to contact us at any time to follow up on your application process.



Complete the pre-requisite requirements for admittance into the Yeshiva.  This includes

  • Getting medical coverage for Israel (see our website)
  • Having a valid Student Visa (see our website)
  • Having the finances arranged before arriving to the Yeshiva